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 PeaceMaking In Community- hands across borders. Speak enlightened messages and perform right actions. 

One by One... We can do it!"


Champion's Creating Holistic Education 

 Merrie Lynn & Goldie Hawn

Soul Pods

 "I was reading your book to a  young friend. She felt so connected. I knew it would help her, so I lent it to her."

Marianne Williamso


"I watched you.

You're doing a great job".

Oprah Winfrey

Merrie Lynn, funny wise lady Bounces Havoc & Hassles into Harmony & HAHA"s."

Paul Ryan

"Best Book this side of the Moon."
 Buzz Aldrin

"You've got the funnies."   

  Lucille Ball

"Our kids need this vital support. Keep up the good work".

Dustin Hoffman 

Global Family

MerrieWay Community 4 Enlightened Living  

Inspires, Activates & Celebrates Your Greatness.  Merrie Lynn's  books,  Courses, Videos provide peaceful sustainability tools.  Self healing, Web series, MP3's,  Live Events, Philanthropic global alliances, Empowering Youth/teen/parental programs.

People From All Walks Of Life Share

Miraculous results from Merrie Lynn's healing energetic presence. Uplifting, common-sensical,

life-altering, and transformational techniques.

  Wacky Savvy Truth

  Who said you aren't creative? Who said you are? Both ideas will manifest, depending on what you believe.  

 Every breath you take, each thought you think, or Action performed is Creative Expression - whether  uplifting or downturn.

Three Breath Stress-Buster -

BREATHE IN DEEP- EXHALE LONG. Repeat 3 times.   Each Breath is a new beginning to Ground, Center, and Uplift a creative opportunity. 

Choose Wisely! Your unique talent resonates at a high    frequency - Invoke the power of YOU.  Connected to infinite intelligence, the Knowing of All that IS, & ever will BE.




Shout Out:We aren't in this world alone. Sharing Mother Earth's resources we resonate as a collective consciousness, connecting to every sentient being.

Our Global tribes people, Native American youth, religious and political leaders to everyday folks rally:

Honor Our Sustainable Peace Creed 

"I pledge to Harness Greed, and take only what I need: Harmony, Equality & Peace.            


Spring  2020

Bounce It Workshop

Lives We Impact

"Merrie Lynn visited our Boys and Girls Club and taught us the amazing HAHA Healers. When I get upset I become my own laugh track. So awesome. I always feel better, no matter what is going on."

 Katie - 9th Grade Participant

 Merrie Lynn Ross Funny Wise Woman 'Cracks Happy Code'

 MERRIE MOVIES is dedicated to making uplifting, Laugh-out-loud, humane TV/films. Merrie Lynn Ross CEO brings 25+ years of filmmaking savvy.

Star of 35 Film/TV. Adored by 26 million viewers as Daytime's First Comedienne. Renowned child activist,  #1 best selling author of 9 books - MerrieWay self=help engages you in  energetic life-altering adventures.

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