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MerrieMuse Mastery- LOVER'S LOVE LOVING
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Wild, Vulnerable, Compatible, In-Sync 

Feminine & Masculine

Mysterious, Authentic, Playful, Fun, Teasing, Loving, Supportive, Sexy, Sensual, Steamy,

No holds barred, Bliss, Real, Comforting, Compassionate, Passionate, Commitment, Loyal, Truthful, Giving, Sharing, Juicy, Fiery, Sacred, Friend. 

Yin-Yang - ALL LOVE.

Transmute a wilting relationship into an enlivened Love-Affair.


Digest a Shaman's Delight - Imagine overcoming fear, procrastination, habitual reactivity. Excuses drop -

You do it anyway. Elevate to optimal YOU zone. Love it. Halleluja!  Your are Good TO GO!

MerrieMuse Mastery-  TAPPING TONING TUNE-IN 
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MerrieMuse Mastery - CRUNCH IT!

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​Shaman's Stress Tonic

Morph Negative energy into Clarity, Contentment & Calm.
Bleep Hopeless Beliefs - Invigorate "I love my Life". Thinking it's too big of a Leap? Learn to CRUNCH IT!
MerrieMuse Mastery - MP3
Paint Your Life InRainbow Clouds

Shaman's Inspiration - Imagine goodies on the horizon. 

Magical Life Creation - Vision new possibilities.

Invigorate a wonder-filled flow state.

Speak your destiny's path - New life story, Mind Mirroring.

Sacred Dance spirals a Prophetic HeartSong

Ignite 'What' YOU LOVE & BE IT. Live In Love


Why wait for inspiration to strike? The YES is instantly accessible, when the go-with- flow techniques are Ignited.  "I can do it" seed blossoms by tuning into a dynamic frequency that ACTIVATES joy, love, positive expectation.

YES Posture Y= YOU

Raise both arms above your head. Stretch arms outward.  Ground your feet into Mother Earth, wherever you are standing.  Imagine Wings extending from your arms. Allow the Light field  of YES VIBE to enter you.... expanding, embracing in a Light Heart .... totally FREE as YOU.

Course MP3 guides the Yes Posture Y= YOU

In Merrie Lynn’s Best Selling book "Life As An Improv"..she Cracked the Happy Code, and guided us into a miraculous flow state. Experience YES VIBE.  "I'm open, available, I show up."
Entering a TRUST Space - you intuitive the authentic, the real beyond the limits of the mind. You trust yourself, your environment, and the players in your life. Embracing YES Vibe you're uplifted into resolute conviction. Doubt morphs into a deep Knowing. Positive, spontaneous, in sync choices arise. Resistance to your good evaporates - judgments, regrets, lethargy, procrastination, and apathy no longer dominate your psyche, behavior, and actions.  Metaphysically you're transported into a multi-dimensional zone - the space between each thought, the space between each breath. When your entire BEing flows in YES, you are involved in the now, present to what is going on around you, tuned into whoever you are with. A state of peace is ignited, tingling the enlivened Light-force within.

Yes Vibe is a gift to live your Potential - To approach life with a beginner’s mind, with the curiosity and wonder of a child.  Embracing your unique qualities, you discover what you love, evolving your imprinted destiny. A miraculous way of Being, sharing enthusiasm, optimism, share good with the world. Speak Miracles. YES Energy Like a Mantra - Repeat it = UpTone

YES VIBE is Inspired by Merrie Lynn's

 Best seller 'LIFE AS AN IMPROV'

Benefits of YES!

Imagine Waking-up! Feeling Happy,  Enthusiastic, and Free?


Now is your opportunity to cut repressed, despondent, hopeless emotional cords. Regardless of 'what' the belief, fear, or circumstance.Transform challenges into adventures.

YES Vibe Course... unleashes a magical frequency,  a sonic wave of lighthearted expansion.   

 Merrie Lynn's contagious, catalytic spirit transmits the miraculous world of innovation, invention, and magical talent -  erroneously relegated to artists, musicians, actors, storytellers, and shamans.

Initiation into the multi-deminsional world, where the intuitive ones see what others don't see.

Reclaim your unique gifts. Play with the wonder of a child, and unplug your true nature, the great ONE steeped in Love, Spontaneity, Fun & Light. YES! 

Instant Delivery - MP3's PDF'S!

Yield, Trust, Accept your Spirit's Uplift.

Express Heart Truth. Ignite creative potential.

Savor 'what is'... evolving daily, imprint destiny.

Value 'what' counts - Soul purpose Activation.

Intention claimed, brings clarity of vision.

BE-ing YES ... in Flow, Harmony, Loving Life.

Enlivened, Joyous, Ecstatic YOU.