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'Green Dream' Time Capsule - To be Opened 2113
Youth initially went through the “Morph America” program to solve pressing issues through a 7-Step model of quantum problem solving and solution finding techniques. ‘Morph America Curriculum’ . Youth then decided our Time Capsule.
​Live Green Dream” Boys and Girl's Club with Merrie Lynn Ross and Crew…. at LA “Green Dream Expedition” geared for Youth/Teens. The think-tank inventions- imagined by kids sealed in a time capsule to be opened in 2113.

“Live Green DreamWELCOMES YOUR INPUT.  Teens, Parents, Teachers & YOU - This is your show.  Follow the weekly theme. Add to the story. Share your Photos, Videos, Green discoveries Volunteering actions.

$$$ Contest Best Stories - Share how You, Friends   Family, & Co-workers - Make a sustainable difference.  


MerrieWay Muses: 

Huckleberry Finn had the paint drill down. Bring on the kids. Paint that fence. Drink lots of water, take breaks. Let the family have a memorable time –and have FUN. “Live Green Dream”  welcomes input, new ideas from youth, parents, teachers and the community at large to participate in the conversation.

Green Aerobics 10 Minute Backyard Calorie Burn.​

With Green Aerobics you can stay fit in your backyard. Workout doing chores and save time going to the gym.
A green workout is a ‘Live Green Dream’  answer for healthy living. Spruce up your yard (no longer a pain in the buttocks) when you burn those calories.

Backyard Aerobics

Raking the lawn burns 350 calories an hour, a gas mower is about 250 calories per hour. That’s equivalent to a 40 minute treadmill jog. Amp the calorie burn – do a 30 minute power rake. Leaf blowers are for the timid- moving your arms still pumps the heart.

Hauling leaves and lifting them into garbage bins – Do a few presses with the bagged leaves, adds to the burn.10 minute – 100 – 150 calorie burns –strength builders
Garden tillingScrubbing windows.
Pool CleanStacking firewood.
Wash CarClean guttersPaint fence.

Try Better Homes and Gardens: Lawn Mower Lunges”

Stand up tall and hold the handle of your mower with a firm grip. Step forward with your right foot and push the mower. As soon as your right foot lands, bend both your knees until your left knee hovers just above the ground. Stand up and immediately step your left foot forward into the next “lunge.” Alternate legs until you’ve traveled the length of your yard, usually 8-12 steps per foot. This tones your butt, legs, and middle.”

Ban Gene-Altered Food In School Cafeterias

Genetic engineering impacts our children. Altered nutrients or added toxins can result in developmental problems. We’re being fed GM foods daily, without knowing the impact of these foods on our health, our behavior, or our children.

Thousands of schools around the world, particularly in Europe, have decided not to let their kids be used as guinea pigs. They have banned GM foods. (see

GM foods are typically measured by a small number of known nutrient levels. Identifying the changed compounds responsible for antisocial nature of mice or humans in ingesting GM products cannot be fully explained.

For example: the pigment in blueberries may revive the brain’s neural communication system, and the antioxidant found in grape skins may fight cancer and reduce heart disease. But what about other valuable compounds we don’t know about that might change or disappear in GM varieties?With the epidemic of obesity and diabetes parents and schools are waking up to the critical role that diet plays. When making changes in what kids eat, removing GM foods should be a priority.

Occupy Monsanto!

Youth Solution: Good News TV to offset negative imprint damage.  Included in the “Live Green Dream” time capsule is a video of ‘Happy News’– showing infants laughing, kid’s playing in clean and vibrant parks.

Youth participate in cultivating a community garden, they entertain seniors at a retirement home. The uptone statement is juxtaposed against smog in cities, mutant frogs, melting snow caps, and a lone polo bear standing helplessly on a single sheet of melting ice. (Sponsored by “HollywoodMag/Morph America).

Youth Financial evaluation: Brainstorming for solution to a bankrupt California and the global financial crisis Youth “Live Green Dream” think tank pondered, “We want to end corporate monopoly – that hypnotic designers and packagers touting what we eat, the news we hear, hyping what we should wear and drive. Let’s use technology, common sense, and go back to real farming and eliminate genetically produced food. We want a chance to live healthy lives and breathe fresh air.”

Wake-up Americans was the youth’s plea. We are going to sink in greed or thrive in community by sharing and co-operative team-building. As an example, they included test scores for finals, where they practiced in teams; studying together, mentoring, and helping each other to pass with highest grades possible. “We can all do well, be smarter, and not be threatened that we will fall off the end of the earth- if we don’t trounce the competition.

”‘Media Bombardment’ was an issue viewed by youth groups: They concluded. Rabid Media exposure, extended video game and internet use is a mind controlling depressant, equivalent to water- boarding the mind’s capacity– drenching creativity, self-reliance and, self-initiative. Signage for the capsule read. “Get A Real Life”.


"Live Green Dream" -  MERRIE LYNN ROSS - GREEN TEAM  Rally  Healthy Living, Conscious Choices 4 a Sustainable Mother Earth. 

NEW NORMAL -  transform how we live- 'Inside' our hearts and 'Outside' as Earth's eco- friendly caretakers. 

Wake-Up 'Green Being' - Tune in to YOU, the environment & all sentient creatures. Make healthy life choices. Teach our children Green is Heart-Centered, the vibration of healing.  Life powered chlorophyll the sun's gift -   brings magical  quantum possibilties for positive change.  Green Fun - Play it Forward.


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