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Transmute a wilting relationship & invoke an enlivened Love-Affair.

Open to newfound pleasure & Intimacy - Uplift past hurts. Commit & communicate. needs, Share Healthy Boundaries. 

Give & receive caring support.

Imbibe compassion, passion. Commune together, Enjoy your juicy, sacred Friend. 

Yin-Yang - ALL LOVE.

Morph Genius - Level 1

 Shamanic, alchemical process that activates the fire of infinite intelligence, inspired creativity, authenticity, and joy,

Are you waiting for a Miracle? To Uplift stuckness, boredom, depression, financial stress, addiction. lack of energy? Feeling unworthy, too old, unloved - Bleep?

 Merrie Lynn Invites YOU to Kick the Medocrity Habit. You deserve a great life.
YES! Show up for YOU!  Bounce onboard, guided by MorphGenius' Freedom Frequency.   
Join Two million participants from 8-80 benefiting from Merrie Lynn's energetic brilliance and lighthearted mastery.

"Merrie Lynn is a catalyst for Alchemy in Action.

MorphGenius ECourse -  MP3's  Video's
Includes practical, profound inner-active tools.
Fun collaborative games, Physical, mental, emotional boosts.

Own Self-Healing - Impact body, mind, spirit. Teach others.
BE a Mega Creator - Innovative Solutions overpower obstacles.... expressing Potential.
Unleash God-given talent. Activate true passion.
Discover destined vocation. Live the Life YOU Love.

Shaman Tool Box - New Normal

  • Fill your tool box!  Garner sacred, practical & profound techniques used by sages, energy masters. 

  • Learn Chakra Tuning -  bring optimum health to body, mind, spirit. 

  • Living Meditation activated - stillness in motion.   

  • Journal - drop old stories - Rebirth,  Rewrite, Renewal. Personalized chant and toning. 

  • Spontaneous tapping, sacred dance and movement,  drumming,

  • Lighthearted living... Future Self Awareness. Activate healer within as  daily practice. New Normal Habits .

  • Honor and Respect New YOU, adapting, ever expanding.


Digest a Shaman's Delight  

 Imagine overcoming fear, hurts, procrastination,  habitual reactivity. Excuses drop -You do it anyway.

Elevate to optimal YOU zone.  Love it. Good To Go  

MerrieMuse Mastery 
​3 T's - Tapping, Toning, Tune-In
​ Instant Downloadable MP3

MerrieMuse Mastery - LOVER'S LOVE LOVING Instant Downloadable MP3

InSync - Balance Feminne & Masculine -   Ignite Divine Love Frequency,

Free up your true self - Authentic, wild, fearless & vulnerable,

BE & Attract compatible Love Mate.

Enjoy the Mysterious - Bliss, Playful, Fun, Teasing, Sensual, Steamy YOU!




​MerrieMuse Mastery
CRUNCH IT! Instant Downloadable MP3
Shaman's Stress Tonic

Morph Negative energy into
Clarity, Contentment & Calm.
Bleep Hopeless Beliefs - Invigorate "I love my Life". Thinking it's too big of a Leap? 
​Learn to CRUNCH IT!

 MerrieMuse Mastery - MP3

Paint Your Life - InRainbow Clouds


Shaman's Inspiration - Imagine goodies on the horizon.  

Magical Life Creation - Vision new possibilities & Beginnings. 

Mind Mirror Sketch. Invigorate a wonder-filled flow state. 

Intuit, speak your destiny's path - Ignite Future life story, 

Sacred Dance spirals your unique HeartSong 

Ignite 'what' YOU LOVE & BE that Love.

Shaman Training

You asked and Here it is:  A step-by-step journey into the multi-deminsional world of energetic resonance and healing. Learn a combination of techniques from ancient cultures - sacred ceremonies, energy mastery, holistic medicine, Practical application - by simply tuning into infinite wisdom.

Wake-Up and BE YOU.... a child of wonder, a magical being expressing your unique vibration, to uplift, expand world.

  • Source universal power and align your inner and outer world. 
  • Claim your God-given Gifts.
  • Connect with your spirit guides and loved ones on the other side of the veil.
  • Live the life your soul imprinted - your true calling for this incarnation. 

Resistance melts away with a new understanding of how the choices we make shape our lives. Letting go of hurts, limitations, invigorate your body awareness, to be grounded as you access the ever available light field. 

Coherence envelops the Apprentice and Shaman... as ONE Vibration. WE are all shamans - Light Workers manifesting the highest good for All.   .​​

​​Qualify For Certification 
Adjunct for therapists, life Coaches, entrepreneurs, healing modalities. Vital training for personal growth Share with family, friends, co-workers.


MorphGenius ECourse -  MP3's  Video's 

Includes practical, profound inner-active tools.

Fun collaborative games, Physical, mental, emotional boosts. 

  1. Own Self-Healing - Impact body, mind, spirit. Teach others.
  2. BE a Mega Creator - Innovative Solutions overpower obstacles.... expressing Potential. 
  3. Unleash God-given talent. Activate true passion.
  4. Discover destined vocation. Live the Life YOU Love.