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The neurological science and brain research documented in “Peace Smarts” and “Morph America” curriculumIs once again substantiated by Dan Siegal, exploring MindUP. Siegal, author of “The Mindful Brain: reflection and Attunement in the Cultivation of Well-Being”. Siegal said that children need more than academic 3 R’s, reading writing and arithmetic. 

They also need reflection, relationships, and resilience. “ Because now what’s happening is that we have a damaged brain that’s growing. And it’s getting more and more handicapped as kids get more focused on the external world, rather than being able to look a the internal world.

Fostering Morphic Syntax - the process of teaching youth the value of tone, intention and the power of words - they connect with harmony within and with others.  Creating a Resonance of Unity.... an internal rhythm of Peace resides. Utilizing language arts, music, drama, comedy, dance as vehicles of creative expression, students flourish in collaborative learning.

Merrie Way Community is committed to foster techniques that develop intuition, as well as logic, as a prime factor for educational success and happiness.

Gift Peace Smarts Curriculum

To a local school. your child's classroom, a teacher, friend. 144 reproducible pages, with over 100 tools for making PeaceMakers in the classroom, at home, in community.        Grades 4-12

.Peace Smarts -  7-Step Morph Process

  A groundbreaking problem solving/solution finding method supports the individual's learning potential. It raises the bar stating that each student has a particular way of learning and expresses knowledge both differently and uniquely.

Peace Smarts teaches students to think inductively, deductively, and having Socratic questioning and reasoning, along with practical application is the basis of the curriculum.

Core Curriculum standards for education is comprised of a math/English testing process to measure and evaluate  a student's overall retentiveness in core subjects.

 36 states have adopted Obama's educational platform, supported by the Gates foundation. Polarized by politics regarding how much input on education the Federal government should have, regarding what to teach, and how to teach it, and when to teach it - remains controversial.

Peace Smarts fundamental difference  is that Core Curriculum focus' on testing and that approach is geared toward the verbal linguistic learner, not addressing the other learning modalities.

Most simply, Peace Smarts focus is not testing, but teaching student's to think.

 Peace Smarts VS.

Core Curriculum Process

Teachers reported: 78%  - of the students showed more interest, focus, when material was presented as interactive, using multiple intelligences. Including hands-on approach, verbal linguistic, music -Mozart interspersed with higher energy frequencies.

Students reported: 85%  - felt the Bully Solution - PeaceMaking gave them a safety net. Giving more ease, less stress to focus on academics, creative projects, and bonding with classmates.

Parents reported:69%  - saw improved behavior; staying on task, less arguments, calmer.

73%  of participants  honored  Peace Smart Agreements. Students, parents, and teachers  set boundaries with delineated consequences for bullying, name calling, harassment, etc.

 Peace Smarts Process Results



.Focus, Attention,

Impulse control




Overview, Concept


         Optimizing Brain Function

                 EEG Coherence

Values - Moral

Reasoning - IQ


h- Reflex


Creativity Across Curriculum

Tapping into the right brain, or creative  neurological receptors the capacity for quantum leaning is ignited. Accessing a global, infinite coherence frequency amps the individuals potential to learn and to practically apply the knowledge.

  • Significant daily habit changers. Group Circle Time - sharing feelings, what's up that day. Demonstrating unique cultures, food, clothing, celebrations to build respect for diversity.
  • Role-play for conflict resolution, communication skills to build compassion, clarity, collaboration.
  • Video, plays, art, sculpture, live performance -  Issues range across curriculum. Includes bullying, drugs, violence, saving River beds, to teaching ESL to younger students.

The brain's plasticity allows new pathways to form in the developing brain. Genetics influence potential illness locked into an individual's DNA. 

Greater affect than DNA is environment and external influences on homeostasis.

Overall well being is enhanced with meditation, visualization techniques. Morphing stress to calm is a game-changer in Peace Smarts.

PeaceMaking Studies 

Scientific research supports that Meditation, visualization, running, communing with nature, and pleasant activities have a significant influence on the body-mind connection.

Daily practice of calming activities creates new habits, rewires neural pathways in the brain, and invokes motivation to participate with more positivity in relationships, and focus in activities.

Attaining a flow -zone, feeling free, authentic, at peace proves to influence internal moods, attitudes, and behavior.
External factors  environment toxins, sleep patterns, nutrition also contribute to general health and well-being.

LightHeart Breath Technique  


Calms mind, break thought patterns, ignites peaceful, calm, enlivened state.

LightHeart Breath is incorporated in CD/MP3. Practice of taking deep breath, hearing sound of breathing. Holding breath, expanding into Light field. Long exhalation. AHHH Sound.

To be used as a practice to chill during day. And with MMM practice.

Merrie Meditation Mode (MMM)

Stress buster, anxiety reduction,  lack of focus and impulse control.

(2)  7- minute daily MMM invocations, Mehod of delivery CD or MP3 to be used in morning or at bedtime. with sound and voice instructions. Sound varies from  lighthearted to deeper resonant tones,

Music incorporated - for calm, in the Flow Zone, induces creative visualization.  Relaxed, Happy, Focused.

Research Team

 Dr Caren Caty - Project Co-Ordinator

 Sheldon Lewis-  Sheila Lewis Research Analysts
 8 - week- Program 
 25 participants - ages 12- 18      
 25 participants - ages 19-35
General symptoms - anxiety, lack of focus, insomnia.  
20% population clinically diagnosed ADHD

Groundbreaking Research Efficacy Study

Peace Smarts - Bully Solution

 Research on PeaceMaking

Supports "Bully Solution - Peace Smarts collaborative learning, focus techniques, and communication skills to bring Harmony, less stress, and empathetic bonding with students, parents, and teachers.