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Richard Simmons 4 Charity

​​​Since 1995 MerrieWay Community stands strong for humane values and performs charitable giving.
Over two-million participants from 3 - 95 years-old have benefited from our stellar programs, and outreach into the global community.

Mayan Grand Elder Tata - Sacred Ceremony

Stand For Children - MerrieWay's Brain Child  
Launched with Children's Defense Fund
Rosie O'Donnel, Eman   
300,000 Strong at Lincoln Memorial. 

 Pancreatic Cancer 10K  Run

Giving from the Heart to a noble cause - Activates your capacity to help others thrive - and to bring Peace into the world.  The givers high keeps you young and vital.

When we collaborate and gather in the name of PeaceMaking the transformational power of compassion, forgiveness, and Love ignites.

.Jeffery Foundation

100% of proceeds from MerrieWay's books, and courses go to charity. 

MerrieWay Community- a 501 C3 non-profit supports and collaborates with Humanitarian organizations globally. 

Turn on Sun's UP Light Switch

Children's Cancer Fund Saving lives.

MerrieWay Community Supports 

Wounded Warriors Fund.