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    Heal hurts, support family dynamics, and transcend emotional blocks.        
    Release fear, worry, and debilitating habits. 
    Increase self-knowledge and know-how - as a PeaceMaker.
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Level 1  MerrieWay Certification for Coach,Trainers, Teachers, Health Pro's Healer's.  

Goldie Haun and Merrie Lynn Ross Advocate

4 Wholistic Education

Landmark Decision - Judge Rules Yoga Not Religion 

 A California judge refused  to block the teaching of yoga as part of a public school’s physical fitness program, rejecting parents’ claims that the classes were an unconstitutional promotion of Eastern religions. Judge John Meyer acknowledged that yoga “at its roots is religious” but added that the modern practice of yoga, despite its origins in Hindu philosophy, is deeply engrained in secular U.S. society and “is a distinctly American cultural phenomenon.

In an effort to help stressed-out, inattentive students, often labeled ADHD, Judge John Meyer’s ruling to allow continuance of alternative methods, like meditation as an adjunct to administrating  pharmaceutical drugs as a mainstream solution – is a landmark decision.

MerrieWay Community’s Morph America and Peace Smarts Programs – focusing on students grades 5-12 youth, parents, and teachers resulted in a 78% of participants reporting feeling calmer, less anxious, more energized, or focused.

Each MerrieWay program incorporates a unique form of meditation, visualization, music, and movement. MerrieWay’s participation in a brain-wave study conducted by a team of  neuroscientists, educators, and doctors in randomized trials, with a “control group” measured  short-term memory improvements, and stress reduction.

The  California Judge ruling will allow new thinking… hopefully setting a precedence to help curtail archaic teaching methodologies that disable and dumb down our students

PEACE SMARTS - Answer to Bullying

Model a Peace Culture  - PeaceMakers in classroom, at home, Unity in community.

Prevent escalating bullying in schools, in workplace, harmonize family dynamic. Keep our children safe. Peace Smarts teaches - conflict resolution, communication skills, and leadership building. Co-operative learning empowers youth/teens to thrive and reach optimum potential.




Transformational tools 15-minute Merrie Tune-up 


Peace Smarts process is delivered in three sessions.  MP3’s, mini-book, bonus contemplations for life-changing shifts.

Session One: - Accessing Peace Within
To create a culture of peace begins with simply connecting to an infinitive stream of consciousness.This brings a lightness of being and an inner knowing that everything is OK.  You naturally expand into a peaceful state…miracles flow into your daily life.

Session Two- Remove Obstacles To Peace
The Second step deletes obstacles blocking you from experiencing internal peace.  Emotional and mental confusion, erroneous beliefs, ancestral influence, family disharmony that keeps you stuck in doubt, feeling insecure or hostile, anxious or fearful, isolated. 

Session Three: BE a Peace Maker in the World
The third step activates a Peaceful, Loving way of Being in the world.  Creating unity in community, serving the greater good, Having respect, love for all sentient Beings and Mother Earth’s creatures, resources. Living Peace On Earth, goodwill to ALL.

Level 1  MerrieWay Certification for Coach,Trainers & YOU!  2 credits

"Peace Smarts" Answer to Bullying
If you are a bully, have been a victim of bullying, or are a bystander - You are part of the Bully challenge.
We can help you stop this syndrome - PeaceMaking!

In Praise of “Peace Smarts” Team

I’ve watched you...You are doing a great job.”                                                      
 Oprah Winfrey

“Merrie Lynn Ross, it is an honor to present you with the Humanitarian Peace Award’ for your dedication, visionary insight, and the hope you give parents and children to create a world of unity and peace.“                         

United Peace Council

“Peace Smarts saved my life, I was 13- years-old, using drugs and hanging out with the wrong people. Thank you for mentoring me, and helping to turn my life around.“   

Jeremy K.  11th grade.

“Girl Scouts have benefited across the nation, learning ethical tools in the “Peace Smarts” curriculum. Merrie Lynn, unanimous kudos for your inspirational energy to help our families grow strong.”                                       

Sheila Lewis, Girl Scouts of America

“Merrie Lynn your anti-bully project is needed in our schools and community. Keep the plan rolling forward.”    

Sheriff Lee Baca, Los Angeles County