power of active imagination and focused intent to produce physical and verifiable effects.

Become certified in the MerrieWay Facilitator/Healer Method!
This unique three-part program applies Merrie Lynn’s catalyst life transforming energy and experience to the field of coaching.  Become a Coach/facilitator - Apply the skills to your own life or current practice –either way, you will transform your own life while learning to coach others! On Levels II and III, you will have opportunities to student teach and will be presented to the world as a Certified MerrieWay Coach with a link to your personal web site. A teleconference with Merrie Lynn and the Coaching Team Graduation Requirements:                 Complete all course materials                Attend a MerrieWay Coaching Workshop—live or via LiveStream
MerrieWay Graduates will be certified as a Level I Coach and they will receive a MerrieWay Coaching Level One Certification Certificate
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Coaching Level I Transform yourself while learning to coach others! Learn MerrieWay basics of facilitating without leaving your living room. Work online and at your own pace.  

MerrieWay Certification

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