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Being bi-lingual has been an asset, but also a challenge academically. Four hours of homework is the norm, on a good night. The highlight of my school week is tutoring kids in ESL (English as a second language) at a nearby inner city elementary school. Morph America supports our community service. Seeing the smiling faces of these third graders so eager to learn- a magical thing happens to me. I forget the pressures of my own studies. It's as if I get back to the joy of learning through teaching what I know. This experience has led me in the direction of wanting to be a teacher. Thank you for the Morph and Peace Smarts opportunity- It has radically changed how I feel about life and myself.”
Elsa 11th grade

New York Film Academy Scholarships
Youth anchors attended summer session at Universal Studios. "We made three shorts. Totally Awesome. Thanks to NYFA and “Peace Smarts” for making our dream come true."
Ryan – 11th grade
 Supercamp at Stanford Recipient
I have ADD and it’s been hard for me to catch up in school. Who thought I'd learn to speed read? Well, I did. I don't get drowsy after reading a few pages. My focus is better and that means better grades. Keep you posted."
Serg - 9th Grade

MerrieWay Youth-Anchor Scholarships

Merrie Lynn Ross and Goldie Hawn- 4 Kid’s Happiness

Both Merrie Lynn Ross and Goldie Hawn share a common bond…they both want to see children happy, less stressed, and functioning at their potential optimum. Goldie is a funny lady extraordinaire. And, Merrie Lynn as daytime’s first comedienne, giggled into the hearts of millions of viewers on General Hospital. Goldie Hawn spoke at TEDX…wishing and praying for children’s happiness. Her “Mind UP program is a curriculum that teaches children about to connect with their emotions, through focused breathing and relaxation.

Youth Voices Rang Out

Limo Or Bus?

When the limo-style buses arrived at our school to take us on a field trip to the Art Museum I knew they had come to the wrong place. The long line of waiting students didn't budge when the driver asked us to board the bus. Kids yelled, "It's a set-up," "They'll think we stole It." Finally when our teachers assured us, "It is our bus" we all got on. We couldn't believe the leather seats, stereo with headsets and the works. We discovered that Mr. Lorsch,a ‘Peace Smarts’ sponsor sent the buses. Later when Mr. Lorsch showed up personally at the museum we were awestruck. Amazing that he would give his time to share his story, "Never give up in the face of adversity." We all applauded. They we asked why he sent such a fancy bus. "You're all potential executives, so I better treat you that way." I felt special and so did everyone else. Thank you “Peace Smarts” and Mr. Lorsch for the inspiration. Karen

Hungry Children Can't Learn

Today, 29 million Americans lack regular access to healthful, affordable food. Among them, one in five children and 8.3 million senior citizens struggle with hunger. It is unacceptable that children are going to school hungry. Many of them rely on school cafeteria’s as their mainstay for nutrition. Substandard menus include a high carbohydrate diet. Fresh vegetables and fruits, including healthy proteins are served at a minimal level, not fulfilling the dietary needs of growing children.

Coupled with malnutrition adult obesity has doubled over the last two decades, and 23 million children and teenagers are overweight or obese. Food and physical activity have taken center stage in the effort to improve public health, advance social justice and strengthen employment and economic growth.


Brutal cutting of sports programs in schools account for obesity in children. Unaffordable after school sports, like soccer, football, baseball, leave the most at-risk youth out of the mix.  They rely on non-profit organizations and government subsidies to provide after school programs.

How can you help to make a difference? Donate to food banks or deliver good directly to a local school. Contact your Congressman/woman to investigate and to step up to feed hungry children and seniors.

In 1995 years ago Merrie Lynn co-created critically acclaimed curriculum, “Morph America” & “Peace Smarts” to bring arts and ethics back to the schools. The process has served 2- million students and teachers nationwide. It entails a right brain left brain-balancing approach for problem solving and creative solution finding.

Techniques reduce stress; through meditation, .role-play, conflict resolution skills, building self-esteem, appreciation of culture difference, and use of HAHA Healer techniques.  Promoting Unity in Community through the culmination of Community Service. Youth grades 5-12 have taught ESL, assisted the elderly, facilitated food banks, created artwork, performance pieces, videos on issues of their concern.

Merrie Way Community Morphs Education

Morph Method -Quantum Learning Technology

Youth learn Socratic query, focus, right brain/left brain problem solving and solution finding tools, somatic (body) awareness, cooperative learning communication & conflict resolution skills.