BONUS -MP3 - Time Line

Based on Merrie Lynn's Best Seller -

Bounce Off the Walls -Land on Your Feet .

  • Time Line Rewires Your old story...

  • Resets your predestined DNA messages.

  • Recalibrates higher Frequency.

  • Activates Living in God-given Potential.



 BE FREE -  living in authenticity -  expanding the creative life force within!  Merrie Lynn's reality-    breaking roadmap redefines, reboots, and redirects your life - evolving  your highest potential.  

 Discover magical, practical, life altering tools: Innovative meditation and visualization  techniques, quantum learning methods ignite creativity, knowing what counts on the deepest level. Stress and  habit busters illuminate and activate multi-demensional energetics.   Inspiration ignites true joy and peace  bringing the miraculous into daily living.

 Described as, "A magical playground, where imagination Morphs 21 Century havoc into "YES... I love my life"  

 It’s time to Reinvent Your Life and Jumpstart New Normal Beginning!

Global crossroads - are you hitting the wall & crunched by detours?
Have you ended a relationship, want a new one, lost a job, retired, financially strapped,?
Are you confused, despondent, deplete of energy not knowing how to get out of a rut?

Want to let go of all the 'can't do downers' and fears of bouncing ahead and living in abundance?


Welcome to Morph Your Life Tele-seminar -  6 Session Sacred Celebration of YOU.

Imagine Living in your potential, awakened, outrageously impacted by the Improv' mastery of Merrie Lynn Ross,

OUR FUNNY WISE WOMAN - an internationally known filmmaker/comedy star, #1 best selling author, and revered PeaceMaker. Merrie Lynn is an energy catalyst - inspiring action for spiritual newbies, body-mind-spirit old-timers, evolutionary junkie’s, & YOU

For two decades the scientifically proven and certified Morph Method has impacted millions of participants, from educators, kids, moms & dads, corporate executives, spiritual communities, everyday folks 8-98 years young, across the globe.


"I love the energy space I feel in Merrie Lynn's presence."

Marianne Williamson

Guest celebrity and experts weigh in.

Imagine 'The New Morph Normal' 

Imagine - No more sitting on the sidelines watching life go by. Or hiding behind busyness, addictions, ferocious fear of failure, not being enough.  No longer concealing loneliness, hurts, harboring shame & angst -  indulging in unhealthy habits, self-sabotaging.

Oh yeah! Imagine being done with your nasties, excuses, that keep you bound up. And living in the strength of vulnerability, peeling off safety masks, and Being Real, authentic, living your true calling, 

​Morph IT!  Put on your dancing shoes, sing in the rain, have good sex, do what you love, enjoy intimacy, and create healthy boundaries.

Big Idea

Radio Interviews

 BONUS Video - Peer Group on weekly Morph topic.

Merrie Lynn - 6 interactive tele-calls -
Q&A with Renowned expert & YOU

Private Morph Facebook Group

3 MP3’s – Motivation Activation Sessions.

  Additional Benefits

 Do you have an Unrealized Dream? Want to bring it into reality?

Living In the Morph.
Engages a pathway to optimum potential & joy.

  Morph Your Life Tele-seminar is designed for interactive          experiences. You're supported in discovering new transitions  & lifestyles.

 Each tele-call & Live Streaming Gathering is focused on tried and true Morph processes and life-changing tools.