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Certification  4 Peace Smarts - Trainers and Coaches.

BECOME a MerrieWay Certified Trainer - Add to healing modalities - Coaching sessions with clients, from Biz building, classroom, family, relationships, health issues.

Merrie Lynn Ross is a catalyst - an energetic teacher of artistic expression and human BE-ingness. Connecting with her magnetic lighthearted energy you'll discover the genius within, unleash inborn talents. free blocks, delete fear, pain from past, and Be present with 'what is' before you. 
Working alongside master energy healers, theatrical icons, comedy greats, educators, global political and spiritual leaders, Merrie Lynn has impacted over 2-million participants with her evolutionary methodologies.

MerrieWay Courses Include:  'Profitize a Non-profit Biz', 'How to Crack the Happy Code', 'Life As An Improv', 'The Bully Solution' 'PeaceMaking, Writing and Performance techniques - the core teaching is self- empowerment, intuitive development, peace of mind, perfecting your unique skills. and utilizing that mastery in daily life.

Excuses drop -  synchronicity of events occur and the right people show up to collaborate, and support your dreams..
 No longer attached to outcomes, uplifting surprises occur, the wonder of a child illuminates  a multi-dimensional awareness - and the miraculous infinite intelligence shines through you. Learn both ancient tools and quantum techniques to have mastery and self- healing as natural gifts. Yes! This is possible. Right Here. Right NOW! Discover more about the teachings and how you can BE Real, Laugh & Love.

Includes: ​Solutions for bullying. Peace Smarts creates Peace Makers in classroom & at home. Say NO to Drugs. Say YES to Compassionate learning skills.

7- Step Morph Process develops right brain/left brain problem solving & solution finding for any issue, personal  or  across curriculum. Socratic method & collaborative learning tools - Build self-esteem, Inclusion 4 diversity. Community service, youth mentoring.

MerrieWay Mastery Certification  

Coaches,Trainers, Healers & YOU

Bully Solution  - Peace Smarts