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Goldie Haun and Merrie Lynn Ross - 4Kids Happiness

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Reef Check - Saving our Reefs Globally  Thanks Merrie Lynn Ross for her devoted volunteerism and tireless support..

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Healthy Lifestyles 
Eco-friendly choices, Humor and Laughter - Conscious Living for a Sustainable Future!

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Hunger Pandemic

Today, 29 million Americans lack regular access to healthful, affordable food. Among them, one in five children and 8.3 million senior citizens struggle with hunger. Yet adult obesity has doubled over the last two decades, and 23 million children and teenagers are overweight or obese. Food and physical activity have taken center stage in the effort to improve public health, advance social justice and strengthen employment and economic growth.

Divine Activism Is Authentic! Spirit moves through you, it removes doubt and passivity and you TRUST - knowing when to act, or not. Allow Divine presence to lead the way - it shows you how to 'show up', what to do - and discriminate what is your business and what isn't. 
Focus is inner directed, your calling revealed. Dwell in the place of Silence, where of Heart speaks and illumines clarity of vision. It circumvents EGO reaction. No longer fueled by separatism, anger, intolerance, feeling like a victim, or operating from what others tell you is right action.

Both Merrie Lynn Ross and Goldie Hawn share a common bond…they both want to see children happy, less stressed, and functioning at their potential optimum. Goldie is a funny lady extraordinaire. Merrie Lynn as daytime’s first comedienne, giggled into the hearts of millions of viewers on General Hospital. Goldie Hawn spoke at TEDX…wishing and praying for children’s happiness. Her “Mind UP program teaches tenets included in MerrieWay's Morph curriculum children learn  to connect with their emotions, through focused breathing,  attention, awareness and relaxation.


Wayne Dyer On Peace

Merrie Lynn: You speak of how to be peaceful?

Dr. Dyer: You can become an instrument of peace in any moment of your life by deciding that you are not going to use your mind for anything other than peaceful thoughts. This may sound extreme when you view all the difficult people you have to deal with, your finances, illness of a close relative, an inconsiderate boss, taxes you owe, traffic delays.

Try taking a breather from your habit of continuously looking for occasions to be non-peaceful. Go to that quiet, serene peaceful place within you that is covered by the outer layers of your material life. Being an instrument of peace means. giving, rather than receiving, .

Dolphin Love - Save Sea Creatures

 Global Activists 

Compassionate Film/TV Digital Media   -  MerrieWay's powerful movement. Let's join hands across borders. Speak enlightened messages and perform right actions. Love Mother Earth.

One by One -.We can do it!"

People from all walks of life share Miraculous results from Merrie Lynn's   healing energetics. Uplifting, common-sensical, life-altering techniques -

for Peace, Prosperity, and Harmony.

 Human's Endangered Species?

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Live Green Dream helped my 8th grade class clean up the LA River.  In a community service performance piece, each student portrayed a part of the river... The water, debris, algae, tiny fish. We learned the way an Eco-system works and to  safe run-off. 

Jake - Student Volunteer

MerrieWay Day -Live Green Dream visited Boys and Girls Club and taught us HAHA Healers. When I get upset I become my own laugh track. So great. I always feel better, no matter what is going on.

 Katie - 9th Grade Participant

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  • Global Awareness - HaHa Healers, Bully Solution- Peacemakers to NYC, London, Berlin - October