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Merrie Lynn Ross cracks the ‘Happy Code’ – Inside and Out –

Life As An Improv’ is a Living-Out-Loud method to honor and express your creative self,  To blast through what holds you back, and Activate optimum potential.

You sense the world is shifting big-time and you may feel you’re not keeping pace, you’ve missed your chance, or you don’t have what it takes.

You’re told, no problem...Go with the Flow’.  It’s not easy when you’re stuck-in-life’s-muck, bored, depressed, in pain, steeped in doubt, or at a crossroad.

Would you like to launch the ‘Life you were born to Love?’
To have more fun, tap the creative genius within, attract fabulous friends, more success, synchronistic events, and feel more enlivened, lighthearted, and energetic?

YES! YOU can have a Miraculous Life.

Life As An Improv’... It is or you would have been born with a script in your hand. And since you weren’t, you are here to Trust your Self and burst out of restrictions of who others expect you to be.

Learn to access infinite intelligence, the soul’s GPS.  Be guided to Uplift your purpose, flourish under stressful challenges, and create prosperous opportunities.

Based on Merrie Lynn's BEST SELLER!

"LIFE AS AN IMPROV' brought the Miracle I was praying for. Simple and fun techniques changed my life"  Lara,  18-years old

Life As An Improv - Merrie Lynn Ross puts the 'OM in Comedy. Learn the YES Vibe and flow in ease, grace & Fun.

Invoke Optimal Potential and unlimited Prosperity.

Play in expanded potential - Tap Genius within.

BE at ONE & in-sync daily. Immerse in evolving LightHeart field.

Attract the miraculous, improve relationships, health & purpose.

BE Happily authentic, empowered. Imagine dancing in divine Laughter - Loving the Life YOU Live.