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12-Hours In Stilettoes

I was a working girl, on the set everyday, having a ball, doing the Funnies. For 12 hours at pop, we filmed 100 pages a day. 

Yippes, I was bonkers the first day shooting over 70 pages. Anna Lee, an old timer comforted. "Don't worry honey, we all go home at night."  What a relief. Whew, in stiletto's, that's dedication.

Stress Buster -Think Funny 

Busy, Busy , Busy.  Hurry- up! Deadlines- mounting to do lists. Overload and overwhelm, cramming it all into a stress-filled day.  What is a day?  Imagine we are sitting in the round…answering that question.  Most simply, a 24/7 agreeable standard measured by the rising and setting of the sun. Within that natural ebb and flow - birds chirp at dawn, butterflies fly in the sunlight, and owls hoot through the night.    

 It is in this stillness of being; a sweetness of harmony resides. Harmony by definition is an agreement, an accord, synchronization. The opposite is friction, dissension conflict. If we are in harmony with our true nature, stress cannot co-exist. 

Laughter - Energetic Harmonic Vibe 


HAHA's generate a flowing state of being. Resonating and permeating every cell in our body. Laughter raises our happiness trigger (releases hormones) in the brain and kicks in a relaxed, open and receptive response.  Laughing is fun and it flushes out stress.  I’ve had moments laughing so hard I cried. And, even snorted, I admit. These are precious moments – that are often precipitated by silliness, irony, a slapstick guffaw.

Anti Aging Secret

Smile, Laugh, Giggle

You can’t smile and worry at the same time. You can’t frown and worry at the same time.

On the first day on a TV set- the director came over to me and held a mirror up to my face. He didn’t say a word. I looked at him. He looked away. I giggled a bit nervously and glanced into the mirror. I frowned wondering, “Maybe he doesn’t like me.” With that thought my face squished into a mass of wrinkles. “Gotcha”, he laughed. “Take your pick, while you’re young. Smile or frown. Smiling keeps you young. Frowns follow you forever.”

10 Ways Laughter Heals


1.  Commit to being light hearted. Lighten up is the advice my mother gave me when I became hyper and anxiety filled. It’s an awareness that this is silly to be dwelling on whatever is bringing you down.

2.  Feel appreciation and gratitude for what you have, instead of dwelling on what you don’t have – or the fear of losing what you do have. That includes money, relationships, material processions, and loved ones.

Laughter Therapy

HAHA HEALERS  Humor kicks Depression. Humor improves health... Laugh to Happiness

You can't worry,  be angry, or sad when you're laughing.  Pumping the feel good hormones, the endorphins helps you to be, merrier, more flowing and worry-free.

Humor is an anecdote to pain, it’s a cure, a healer that can diffuse anger, frustration, and misunderstandings – it helps us to live healthier and happier lives. Emma’s little ‘giggle’ spilled over into my life, making me merrier, more appreciative of life. A giggle a day keeps the doctor away

6 Tips -  YOU Comedy Star On U-Tube

Commit to being Light Hearted.  Go for 'IT' Now!

Lighten up is the advice my mother gave me when I became hyper and anxiety filled. It’s an awareness that this is silly to be dwelling on whatever is bringing you down.

1. Pick a subject you are interested in that you can have fun with: Mother-In Law, Kids in Diapers, talking on Cell Phones

. 2. Observe as many situations in real life or in your imagination on your subject, as you can.

3. Pick your favorite observations. Start with warm-up example and say the story out loud. Practice in front of a mirror. You become your best audience- a good start

4. Get ready share your funnies to your family, friends, and the mailman. What are the reactions? Do you get a laugh? Practice on pets, they are a truthful tell-tale. If they snore, whoops, it’s time to amp up your act!

5. Keeping adding details, keep practicing, until you get a five-minute routine.

6. Shoot it on video. Put it up on U-Tube.

Heal with Laughter & Humor

College students were watching and the cast appeared in forums across the nation, including a fiery symposium at Harvard. There were after work parties, at local restaurants and pubs where "General Hospital' was taped and viewed over and over. Discussions prevailed about the cliff hangers and what would happen next.  Soap Opera genre impacted and still has influence on society. Diehard fans and occasion viewers debated and reflected on  the inner workings of family, deceit, corruption, love-triangles and the like.

Comedienne's Secret to Happiness

"Whenever I think of Merrie Lynn's giggle, I feel so good . It makes my day." Annie K.

As daytime’s first comedienne I had my taste of ‘giggling’ my way into the hearts of millions of viewers on “General Hospital.” I created a ‘giggle’ for Emma Lutz, my character. It became my trademark and changed my life. I received truckloads of mail…mostly saying the same thing, along these lines,

What would life be without a laugh, a giggle or a yahoo? As a comedy player my whole life has been surrounded by a laugh-track. And that includes my brother, my son, even my dog shines a big smile and wags his tale to prove it. 

During these times of a pandemic of ‘doom and gloom’, my heart often whispers, ” I wish I were on the moon.” Staying upbeat is more challenging than ever. I laugh often. When I’m hurting inside even a laughing crow squawk, is a sign to switch to a happy gear. Finding those sweet moments as a habit can be an instant mood-change.

Merrie Lynn Radiates

OM in Comedy

Merrie Lynn Ross rallied as daytime’s first comedienne, portraying the outrageous Emma Lutz on ABC’s ‘General Hospital’. During the famed Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura (Genie Francis) wedding, 36 million people watched them, along with Liz Taylor. General Hospital skyrocketed and was Ranked #1 soap - all time phenomenon.

Trivia:  Merrie Lynn Ross is an improvisational actor -Robin Williams performed in the same improv'’ group.

Lighten Up!

Put a smile on your face and greet the day. You’ll get more compliments than you can imagine. The world will smile back at you. How about y’all, what’s up with your funnies?

 Lighten Up With Humor A chuckle and a giggle is a relief in the moment. A release of all hassles and concerns. You know you’ll be OK – no matter what is going on.

It’s a big hug you feel inside – a comforting touch, like only Grandma could give.

Clowns have delighted audiences from Shakespeare’s jesters to Barnum Bailey Circus clowns, cajoling an audience filled with kids and adults alike. Terminally ill children have been entertained with puppets and fun frolicking clowns visiting hospitals, They have fed a child  who had difficultly eating. Laughter is a healing agent that's been used with the elderly, to promote optimism and a will to live.

Lighten UP! Even apes are known to laugh at themselves. We take our selves too seriously and treat life’s issues as ‘do or die’.

Connect*Events *Workshops Good News.Uplift, Access, Activate.

Play the Giggle Forward

Heal with Laughter Benefits 



 * Connect, Open, Live in dynamic YES Frequency.

 *  Invoke joy, infinite potential

 * Release playful child within.              

 * Increase Memory and Creativity.

 * Find your Healing Funny-bone.

 * Crack Open Limitations.

 * Laugh all the way to the bank.

 * Choose, Uplifting, Intuition track.

 * Laughter heals depression. stress. 

 * Improve Love Relationships.

 * Rekindle Sex life and Intimacy.

​HAHA Healers


Health, Finances, Love relationships  

HAHA Self-Help Healing System.