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Introducing Merrie Way Mastery Method 
Enjoy the following practices. Integrate them into your daily routine and enhance your ability to thrive - Loving Your Life.

Life's Big Picture - See the overview of your dreams and miraculous unfolding destiny,
Emotions- Signal what your body tells you it needs. Emotions - the human gift of the soul, will speak to you as wisdom rather than reactive response - and direct what needs to be changed, and enlivened.
Optimism - Permeates what once seemed impossible. Uplifts your consciousness with positive options. Letting go of what isn't true, uplifts every cell in your body, connecting mind, and spirit.
Creativity -  Soars as Intuition and inspiration guide the way. BE in Flow - Freedom to BE Real. Discover, explore, and express your gifts and talents, and share them with the world..

Begin the practices with LightHeart Breath- a simple way to focus, to tune-in to your inner wisdom, intuition - feel what's real and authentic.


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Contemplation – is the root of inspiration,our truth and true essence. We can contemplate any issue or challenge and gain deeper understanding - that illuminates the right action to take.

Contemplation guides us to our real purpose, our deepest knowing and wisdom.  Life’s pressing questions can be asked in contemplation and answers arise providing a beacon of light, a revelation, a new perspective of what we could not see before.

 For years we can be a rut, as our mind loops in the same groove.  Rather than recognizing we need to shift our thoughts and beliefs, we believe these pent-up feelings; locked-in behavioral patterns are ‘who we are ‘who we should be’ and that there is no way out.  We are fearful to take a step forward and disturb the familiar--our stuck-ness.

We go through life, racing about, with racing minds, on a treadmill that keeps us from experiencing an enlivened and fulfilled life.  Lack of purpose: why are you living? What is meaningful to you has dimmed.

To reclaim our magnificence, meditation and quieting the mind is necessary. Practicing the Light Breath technique offered- you can prepare your mind, open your intuition, and expand Awareness.
You can relax, distresses the physical body to a sub-cellular level. It is from this level that we can heal ourselves – mentally, emotionally and physically.



The Way..the Tao, Christ energy, Buddha, Kabala… all great teachings lead us to the same place - a Light Heart path- the place of inner peace and joy- our divine birthright. We are born to know this truth that is eternal, blessed of SELF…that which we are seeking.

In everyday life challenges we feel heaviness; we believe that carrying an endless weight of worry, stress, and pain is what we must endure. We accept this as truth, and we go on living in misconception. Childhood wounds and misunderstanding continue into adulthood forming limited, binding habits of being.

We busy ourselves with addictions, distractions, attempting to numb the longing in our hearts to be wholly, to be free of this bondage. No matter how rich, how accomplished, how revered…inside we know something is missing. Our very essence is dim, our light force short circuits into apathy, confusion or halfhearted resolve.

In moments of vulnerability we contemplate, “Why aren’t I happy… I have everything, yet I feel I have nothing?”   Emptiness pervades inside of us:  to quell this longing we continue the pursuit of happiness, seeking pleasure from external gratification.  Hitting the wall of disappoint you ponder, “Maybe if I find a loved one, have children, find fame or fortune, or drop out of worldly pleasures I will be ok.”

Yes, you will be OK. Yes, there is a way to Light Heart Path: and it is very near, very obtainable. It is inside of you, waiting; always there. It always has been and it always will be…it is you, the magnificent ONE  , without abandon, calling you home.

 Accept one simple truth as ultimate solution: “Be still and Know that you are the God-Self”, the eternal One. With this Awareness,  tune-in to the silence that rests inside, YOU are wholly.


LightHeart Breath

Light Breath is a grounding and focusing technique to still the mind and tune-in your truth, heart and LOVE frequency. In this calm space, we connect with the vibrations that are in every particle of the universe.   

A Knowing, infinite intelligence prevades with both subtle and gross Awareness. A lightness, uplifts and nourishes our true essence. From this space, we gain clarity,peace of mind. Anxiety,fear,hurt,disappointment dissovle. Living in the NOW, enjoying LIFE with the curiosity of a child returns us to our authentic essence - LOVE. 

Choose a quiet atmosphere...3-10+ minutes 

Sit comfortably or lie down. Close your eyes. Inhale deep. Exhale long.

Continue this Awareness focusing on the gentle breath...going in and out.
Thoughts may arise, let them float like clouds,gently rolling by.
Whatever feelings, visions, or even sleepiness comes up, allow it  to be.
Allow the breath to be and out, without attachment or judgment. 
 Embrace the stillness, the calm to permeate your being. Bathe in this divine awareness.
When you are ready,open your eyes. Sit for a few moments in the lifeforce energy...
Go about your day.

Check in with yourself during the day. If a stresser or emotional trigger flashed, get on the breathe for a few moments. Allow the energy of calm to permeate.
Light breath can be done throughout the day. It is a good practice before going to bed, to prepare the mind,body,spirit to transition into Dreamtime.

You can increase your quiet Light Breath time allottment. With continued practice, you will feel both subtle and gross changes; in your attitute, behavior, and a sense of well-being will become more natural, as a way of being.