Merrie Lynn Ross' Life as an Improv' Package Includes:

Life As An Improv' 6 Module Course
22 Audios and 2 PDFs
Value $327

Activate - Life changing techniques, fun & innovative, share with friends, mates, and cohorts.
  • Discover the 3 Improv Zones –  Identify your core energy type and learn to uptone your Love frequency.
  • Mama Said – ‘Dump the Gunk’  Eliminate toxic beliefs, excuses, habits, and Bounce Into what you are born to BE.
  • HAHA Healing – heal heart wounds and learn to take the leap to the LightHeart path. Be a Source of harmony and happiness for those around you.
  • Tap Genius Within  - Play in the magical field of spontaneity, true joy, and creative expression.
  • Life Between Each Breath – Own this incarnation, know what counts and prosper.
MODULE 1 – Enlivened YOU 

Listen Daily: “Get Real Frequency”  - Dynamic centering, and inspirational tool. Unwind unconscious programming. Stop resisting ‘what you fear’ & BE free to express your truth.
Discover “3 Improv Zones” –  Identify your core energy type and learn to uptone ‘Love Your Life’ frequency.
“Reality Check-IN” – Examine personality traits – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Experiment: The Power of words on your emotional data bank.
MODULE 2 – Opening Natural Flow 

“Dump the Gunk” – Transformative process to drop stress and overwhelm.
“Memories”  -  Quick life-check. Affirm and appreciate the sum-total of expereinces. Name the lesson. Amplify the gifts.
“Improv’ Purpose” – Learn to cleanse toxic beliefs, and Bounce into Heartfelt direction and newness.

MODULE 3 – Uptone Emotional Scale 

“Improv’ Byron’s HAHA’s” – Get down with Byron’s HaHa Healers. Discover the Laughter–Longevity-Love connection.
“Heal Hurts” – Heal heart wounds. Experience an Alchemic let go, transmute pain.

MODULE 4 – Tap Genius Within 

“Creative Genius” – Play in Improv’ magical field. Ignite spontaneity, true joy, childlike wonder, and unearth artistic expression.
“Imagination Genius Lens” – Step into 360-degree viewing, tap unlimited potential. 
“Source of One.” Invoke intuition, sensing and attracting Love.

MODULE 5 – Improv’ Game-Changers 

“Improv’ Keys” –  Embrace ‘YES’ mode. Own your ground in a moment-to-moment 
natural flow.
“Game –Change”  Rewire, Reframe, and Uplift your prosperity perceptions.
"I See a Person" Learn to measure your self esteem and BE your potential.
“Game Change Player”  - Break the Happy Code – Claim and walk in Love.

MODULE 6 – Go For IT 

“Living Out Loud”  Make fearless and divine choices. Shine from inside/out.

“22-DAY Challenge – ReNew YOU!” 

Take charge and engage in our 22-day Challenge to develop pro-active habits for optimum health - body, mind, and spirit. 

11 Activations support your fun-filled quest. Carefully designed to inspire an invigorated, happy... peace-filled YOU.

BONUS - BE Real, Laugh & Love
Intro E-Course 
Value $195

Divinely inspired by Merrie Lynn’s beloved son, Byron. A whirling dervish circled in Light, invokes a sacred message.

“Introduction” – Merrie Lynn
“Be Real, Laugh & Love”  ... Byron offers a journey beyond limited cognition.  Piercing the illusionary veil of separation, we perceive the miraculous, eternal realm of multi-dimensional consciousness.  
Rock Your Truth – “Go With Flow” – Pull out all stops, and activate what feels true to you.
Sustain Real Power  “First Breath To Last”  Sense the space between each breath. Own this incarnation. Know what counts and prosper.
“Love Your Uniqueness” – Practice selfless Service – Honor your heart’s desire and do what is before you. Gratitude.

2 semi-private coaching calls with Merrie Lynn
Value $475

An amazing opportunity to receive intuitive, profound, and common sensical guidance for whatever issue is up for you.
TESTIMONIALS... What They're Saying

“I’ve watched you. You’re doing a great job”
Oprah Winfrey

“Best book this side of the moon.”
Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut

“Merrie Lynn, a wise woman, helps us enter into the vast radiant emptiness TO know you are free- TO play and dance – TO be happy and make others happy - just by being you.”
Ed and Deb Shapiro, Authors “Be The Change"

“Merrie Lynn's hilarious humor inspires you to transform your life instantly in a multitude of Improv’ exercises. I enjoyed a blast of self-love and authentic joy.”
Deepika Avanti, Author "Embracing the Miraculous, 
Attaining Optimal Health on All Levels"

“Merrie Lynn Ross is one of the gems of this world. With her mother's heart, star's beauty, wise intelligence, and a healing touch, she shares useful ideas with an easy, interesting, and personal flair to  engage, uplift, and lighten our burdens.”
Sharon Janis, Author "Spirituality For Dummies", "Secrets For 
Spiritual Happiness", "A Modern Quest for Eternal Truth"

Merrie Lynn Ross- is a multi award-winning filmmaker, actress, best selling author of 8 books: Starring in over 35 TV/films from ”Happy Days” to winning Emmy Soap Digest Award, as daytime‘s first comedienne on ‘General Hospital'- entertaining 26 million viewers with her contagious giggle and outrageous antics.  

In the only acting class Lucille Ball taught she applauded Merrie Lynn,  “You’ve got the funnies.”  

Merrie Lynn’s stint as a revered coach to the stars inspired the groundbreaking creation of ‘Life As An Improv’ method, to unleash your creative talent and activate the genius power within. As an energy catalyst her tried and true, practical and profound techniques catapult you into a multi-dimensional playground where life-changing miracles occur. 

“I learned to live abundantly, free to be Me’. Amazing, I’ve lost 25 pounds and I’m having sex with my husband for the first time in three years.”  Ellie, Voice-over Specialist.

As a lead child activist she founded MerrieWay Community, a non-profit 501 C 3 to bring arts and ethics back into our schools. She created “Morph America” and “Peace Smarts – Bully Solution” curriculums affecting 2 million students, parents, and teachers. 

Honored by President Clinton and recognized by President George W Bush. MerrieWay’s youth anchors participated in the Presidential Summit, with every living President. And worked with Oprah Winfrey, who stated, “I’ve been watching you. You’re doing a great job.”

Humanitarian effort, Merrie Lynn’s’ brainchild, “Stand For Children” rallied 300,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial, spearheaded by the Children’s Defense Fund. She coined ‘Morph’ as a transformation term that is in today’s vernacular and was lauded ‘Woman of the Year’ by Women in Action.

Born clairaudient, and clairvoyant, she’s a body, mind, spiritual healer, whose humor, panache, and loving way brings a sense of well-being to participants 8-years old to centurions from all walks of life.

"Merrie Lynn gave me the greatest gift, she taught to heal myself, and others." - Laura O, Grad Student

After a personal tragedy and discovering a way back to living in purpose, Merrie Lynn is guided to share her healing and life altering recipes. With a contagious joyous energy she proves to be a beacon of light for everyone she meets. She has served with indigenous and opinion leaders globally and recently received Gold Coast Film Fest’s Visionary Award, WIFF Life Time Achievement Award. 

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Retail Value of Entire Package: $997
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Unleash Your Creative Talent and Activate the Genius Power Within! 

“Merrie Lynn is a delightful beacon of light for all of us trying to find our way on this journey called life. An inspiration to those who have lost a loved one, she has found the strength and courage to turn her tragedy into a message of hope and with love and joy guides us to create change. I am truly blessed by this beautiful spark.”
Donna Visocky, BellaSpark Productions

“Merrie Lynn's heart to heart message brings a contagious enthusiasm... for us to live a healthy and happy life."”
Cheryl Saban, Ph.D.

“For anyone who is ‘stuck’ at any juncture. . Merrie Lynn offers a golden parachute of lightness and laughter to gently guide us out of varying heights of despair or resistance.  Her talent, passionate insight, and wisdom resonate within as a clarion call, calling forth our own Higher Selves to join in.”
Diane Miller, Philanthropist

“Merrie Lynn guides us out the darkness and into the light, illuminating the best of who we can be.”
Dr. Caren Caty, Psychologist

“When art and heart meet, magical change occurs. Merrie Lynn opens up that magical portal for creative and joyous living.”
David Streets, Art Curator

“Merrie Lynn Ross’ uncanny ability reached the depth of my spirit in true partnership with my heart.  You’ll be lovingly supported by her practical techniques and practices. Her approach is brevity, lightness, and laughter, but make no mistake...this is the real soul stuff. She brings us into her world of understanding and you simply don't want to leave. In today's growing chasm of polarizing duality, it's comforting to know such a voice exists—to return us to the truth of ourselves.”
Kim Castle, BrandU

Benefits of the Improv’ 
Bring on HAHA Laughter – Heal Hurts - Your's and Others'
Bounce Ho-Hum Habits into Full-blast Living
Unleash Hidden Talents & Create Magical Flow
BE a Star-game changer & Ignite Soul Energy
Meet your Soul Guides, the Wise Ones, the Happy Makers
Improv’s YES mode, Go For IT, and Seize the Moment
... and more!

Life as an Improv' Package
Retail Value of Entire Package: $997
PLUS Bonuses
Event Special Offer

Merrie Lynn Ross' Life as an Improv' Package Includes:

Life As An Improv’ is a Living-Out-Loud method to honor and express your creative self, to blast through what holds you back, and Activate optimum potential. You sense the world is shifting big-time and you may feel you’re not keeping pace, you’ve missed your chance, or you don’t have what it takes. You’re told, no problem...Go with the Flow’. 

It’s not easy when you’re stuck-in-life’s-muck, bored, depressed, in pain, steeped in doubt, or at a crossroad.

Would you like to launch the ‘Life you were born to Love?’

To have more fun, tap the creative genius within, attract fabulous friends, more success, synchronistic events, and feel more enlivened, lighthearted, and energetic?

YES! YOU can have a Miraculous Life...Life As An Improv’... It is or you would have been born with a script in your hand. And since you weren’t, you are here to Trust your Self and burst out of restrictions of who others expect you to be.Learn to access infinite intelligence, the soul’s GPS.  Be guided to Uplift your purpose, flourish under stressful challenges, and create prosperous opportunities.

Based on Merrie Lynn's BEST SELLER!​

Merrie Lynn Ross cracks the ‘Happy Code’ – Inside and Out –

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