Activate Your Energetic Purpose

*Breath deeply. Allow your mind to quiet. Relax your body; allow tension to drop like a rag doll. 

*Envision what inequity bothers you. Feeding the homeless, helping Foster children, refurbishing the Wetlands? Name it.

*Then ask, “How can I contribute? Allow what comes up, feeling, images, seeing your self in action. 

*BE honest, what is holding your back? Then feel what it is like to be in Divine action for your cause, your passion, your calling.  

You know Divine Action is at Play - Life is fun, juicy, a learning curve filled with new adventures.

Quiet monkey Mind & Enter -  YES Vibe

An internal Knowing guides right purpose. You are shown your special gifts, your birthright of shining light within, affecting all you meet, no matter what the circumstance. Engulfed in compassion, you can ask the infinite intelligence to invoke the Love force creating.  Listen to the power of Heart, Peace within and without. 

Each of Has an Energetic Purpose Imprint.

Mine is uplifting the life of our children. I am guided to create PeaceMakers through my example, our Peace Smart curriculums, courses, and trainings we offer to youth/teens, parents, and teachers, and the community at large, from 8-80 years- young.

Claiming the gifts of an energetic Light Worker, filled with humor, I can be a catalyst to  help others to discover what really counts to them,  to heal the hurts, and limitations holding them back, and to discover the joy of what they Love to do

Kids Need  Mentoring, Talent & Caring

Volunteer in classroom, Boys & Girls Club, Sports Referee. YOU Name it!

Share skills, math, sports, English skills, arts, technology, drama, filmmaking/video, music

, host a foster child for a day, week-end... Mentor a child, help the elderly. Or ask for help is you or a loved on needs it.

Donate Peace Smarts Curriculum

to Your Local School, Give a gift to youth/teen, teacher, parent.


Divine activism is authentic!  Spirit moves through you, it removes doubt and passivity and you TRUST - knowing when to act, or not.

Allowing Divine presence to lead the way - it shows you how to show up, and what to do and to discriminate what is your business and what isn’t. Your focus is inner directed, your calling revealed. Dwell in the place of Silence, where of Heart speaks and illumines clarity of vision. It circumvents EGO reaction. No longer fueled by separatism, anger, intolerance, feeling like a victim, or operating from what others tell you is right action.