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Merrie Lynn Ross - Our Funny Wise Lady Hits The Streets  

Following the escapades of Merrie Lynn, friend to the world -  a natural born truth-sayer, toting a contagious healing giggle, we are catapulted into the million stories unfolding in her madcap, mecurial, yet magical world. 

In our opening episode Merrie Lynn jumps onboard a private jet, performing a secret wedding ceremony, She serendipitously doubles as a stewardess on the flight, helping grieving parents to connect with their 16-year-old daughter, who recently OD'd. 

As the weekly episodic plots thicken, we are part of the wild, unfathomable strokes of life and the outrageous characters that show up. Whether feeding the homeless cookies on the ocean's pier, riding a Peace Train up the Coast, or joining a Town Hall Meeting facilitated by teens/youth wanting a better future - We laugh, cry, grow, and sow the joy of being on the Beverly Hills Shaman's heartfelt, uplifting team.  ‚Äč

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