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TESTIMONIALS  "My life was in a downspin when I first met Merrie Lynn Ross. I was suffering from depression over the death of my husband. To add to my misery his children claimed his estate. After the first session of working with Merrie’s magic, I felt uplifted and slept for the first time in months." Marsha- Real Estate Investments/Mother  "MerrieWay’s Tune-Up workshop transformed my life. I released blocks, back pain and found my passion, working with the challenged elderly, who have no family. I’ve started a new company- Nannies 4 Grannies! Thank you Merrie Lynn…you saved me from my own negative mind and behavior. " Love you, Ellen. "WOW a loving genius entered my life- Merrie Lynn Ross.  A healing shaman filled with light heartedness. She infused me with inspiration; I am back to work and have doubled my income with her guidance and techniques." Shannon- MTV producer. "What can’t Merrie Lynn Ross do for you? She helped me handle my out of control ten-year-old son and computer addicted teenager.  With Merrie Lynn's guidance I healed my relationship with my ex-wife, who I love dearly.  Our family is thriving and we are learning to trust each other. " John CEO- Marketing Firm "MerrieWay’s Morph Team transformed my company in three meetings. They helped us to revamp a broken spirited team. We had downsized and Merrie Lynn’s business acumen assisted us in solving a three-year-old mess we were in, and in the process we invented new systems that are successfully working."  Doug - Digital FilmWorks.
"My name is Andy and I’m 13 years old. Merrie Lynn mentored me. I wanted to be an actor. She taught me to love myself, have fun, and not to care what everyone thinks.  I am doing the lead in a play at school. You rock. A big thank you."
"You want to laugh, enjoy, learn how to live your life from the stand point, stand-up delivery of Merrie Lynn Ross. She creates an energy where you expand, change and love it. I learned to say YES, MerrieWay’s favorite flow mantra. "
Shannon- LAUSD School Administrator.


A celebration of Joy, Fun, Being Real. Living in Truth. Sharing Eternal Bliss. An energy Zap- Create Peace, Unity in Community.

 "Express Your Greatness thru LOVE" 

 Byron Fox

Byron's 7-Day Series

Emerged from his spirit of Knowing.

Transcending what we believe is reality. He has come with a message to enlighten and bring joy to YOU and the world.
Delete stuckness and find clarity of Vision to practically Live in BEing Real.

 Practices for BE-ing REAL 
Enliven your purpose and infinite potential. 
Receive Soul inspired Contemplations. 
 Uptone Resonance, to connect in Harmony - with multi-frequency boost MP3's.

Be Real Laugh & Love