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Anti-Aging Secret

Anti-Aging Secret…Smile, Laugh, Giggle

​​You can’t smile and worry at the same time. You can’t frown and worry at the same time.

On the first day on a TV set- the director came over to me and held a mirror up to my face. He didn’t say a word. I looked at him. He looked away. I giggled a bit nervously and glanced into the mirror. I frowned wondering, “Maybe he doesn’t like me.” With that thought my face squished into a mass of wrinkles. “Gotcha”, he laughed. “Take your pick, while you’re young. Smile or frown. Smiling keeps you young. Frowns follow you forever.”

I thought about what he said, after all we were doing a sit-com – everyone including the crew cracked up all day. The funnies were among us.

Shortly thereafter I stopped by my friend’s real estate office. As I went down the aisle toward his office I noticed big standup mirrors on each desk.  A sales agents was intensely chatting on the phone. She paused, obviously listening to the person on the other end of the line. Intentionally sitting up straight she glared at herself in the mirror, and flashed a fake smile, baring her teeth she widened the grin.  Amazingly,  it blossomed into a happy smile. Her demeanor shifted, she lightened up her intensity. and began speaking in a friendly tone.

Intriguing , “What is this group up to? Beverly Hills anti-aging?” Not exactly.  They were practicing a sales technique to deal with their clients in a  friendly way. Smiling into the mirror helped ease the pressure and stress of selling,  and to insure a more relaxed and welcoming tone.

MerrieWay MusesWhew!  Lucky for me I smile a lot. I laugh and giggle and belly a guffaw.  How about you?  Go for that big Smile. Grin. Bigger, show those pearly whites. Let that smile blossom into happiness. Pass your smile to everyone you meet -a friend, a stranger, your love, your child... and be present to the good, the agreements, the YES's it brings.

10 Ways Laughter Heals

Commit to being light hearted. 

1. Lighten up is the advice my mother gave me when I became hyper and anxiety filled. It’s an awareness that this is silly to be dwelling on whatever is bringing you down.

2.  Feel appreciation and gratitude for what you have, instead of dwelling on what you don’t have – or the fear of losing what you do have. That includes money, relationships, material processions, and loved ones.

3.  Start or join a Laugh-track group. Bring funny videos, tell jokes. Share the funniest moments in your life.

4.  Make up a funny story, take a real life issue that bugs you and find the irony, the satire and get on a roll. Laughter jump starts a bad, irritable mood.

5.  Laughter is an exercise in itself. Your diaphragm and abdominal muscles are involved and your breathing is increased. Hearty laughs burn calories.  40 calories per belly laugh.

6.  Burn out anger, angst, sadness. You can’t laugh, hurt, or hold grudges - and be angry at the same time. Tickle yourself or have someone tickle you to get that funny bone started.

7.  Laughter is contagious. It attracts friends and makes sure you are good company.

8. Laughter has placebo effect. It improves brain function, builds immunity and reduces the risks of ulcers, heart disease, and other ailments. Humor tones down the autonomic nervous system and helps the heart relax. It’s the break needed to reduce pushing the body to the max.

9.  Hang out with people who are fun. Skip the downers who want to see life as miserable, unfulfilling, and filled with gloom.

10.  Bring humor into the bedroom-.It amps up love-making and keeps a marriage spontaneous and fun.

MerrieWay Muses: When you learn to laugh alone, at something silly you are on the path to a happy life.